Becoming an Entrepreneur is a difficult process and the survival rates are relatively low. Becoming a supplier to a corporate company is even more challenging as in many cases it requires compliance to international standards and overcoming of specific barriers to entering the supply chain.
Here at Collective Value Creation we are focused on the development of suppliers that are competitive, innovative, resourceful and have a deep commitment to the value creation process.

Competitive Supplier Development Programme

This programme prepares prospective suppliers for the rigorous demands required by corporate supply chains.


  • RFP Preperation
  • Knowledge of Contract Law
  • Enhanced Contract Negotiation


Construction Development Programme

Construction businesses have unique financial and project planning requirements. This programme enables prospective suppliers to plan correctly and optimise their pricing based on the project requirements.


  • Improved SLA Performance
  • Competitive Costing
  • Innovative Products & Services
We develop suppliers according to the stringent standards of corporate companies.

Early Entrepreneurial Development

Our start-up programme is targeted at Micro Entrepreneurs and has developed various companies in the early stages of their businesses. The programme assists Entrepreneurs to validate their business ideas quickly and grow those ideas which are viable into fully fledged companies.

Collective Value Creation isby the opportunity to assist your Suppliers.

Modular Short Courses


More Entrepreneurial Short Courses


Supply Chain Expertise

Collective Value Creation offers targeted services specifically around the Supply Chain needs in developing countries. As such we specialize in three specific areas related to building and enhancing value in supply chains.

Corporate Supplier Development

We pride ourselves on implementing world class supplier development programmes that are oriented to the requirements of large corporate and multinational companies.

  • Programme Development
  • Tailored Mentorship
  • Targeted Procurement

Supply Chain Consulting

We assist our clients with supply chain solutions that save significant costs and comply to world class standards.

  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Vendor Management

Anti-Corruption Compliance

As we deal extensively with Supply Chain and Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment we have developed a robust compliance standards that implement with suppliers to multinational companies.

  • Anti-Corruption Audits
  • Advisory Services
  • Anti-Corruption Training