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A draft amendment of Code Series 400, which is the section that looks at Enterprise and Supplier Development, was released on the 15thof June 2018. The amendment effectively increased the targeted preferential procurement that Government requires of companies, with relation to larger companies, but the impact of that will be a decrease of spend with smaller companies. The spend that …

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Prove you are Young: Mining Charter III

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Every day in South Africa we are consciously discriminating, but with the launch of Mining Charter III the line between fair and unfair discrimination in South Africa is starting to blur. Picture this scenario: The year is 2019.  South Africa is facing uncertain times leading up to the next general election. But the attention of the world is riveted on …

ESD Beneficiary Matrix for Entrepreneurial Development

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The ESD Beneficiary Matrix It represents all the different areas that you are allowed to claim as a company for your 2% NPAT under Supplier Development or your 1% NPAT under Enterprise Development.  The ESD Beneficiary Matrix should be used as part of your planning process for your ESD Plan. The Beneficiary Matrix indicates Monetary and Non-Monetary as well as …

Preferential Procurement in Enterprise and Supplier Development

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This slideshow looks at Preferential Procurement and provides the basic information required for an understanding of Preferential Procurement. What is important to note is that the intention of the codes is that Enterprise and Supplier Development ultimately feeds through to Preferential Procurement.  This was the original intention in the 2007 codes and have now been significantly clarified in the ammended …

The Enterprise and Supplier Development Codes Guide

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This is a first part of a series of blogs on the supplier development codes series 400: The General Principles for Measuring Enterprise and Supplier Development.  During this series we will be unpacking the Enterprise Development Benefit Factor Matrix as well as understanding the impact that this might have.  We will further also look at the difference between the old 2007 …