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Re-examining Performance Metrics

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We have traditionally striven for competitive and profitable stability and aimed for acceptable standards of performance.  Many of our techniques for planning, measuring and controlling performance such as budgetary control, standard costing, ratio analysis, throughput rate, project appraisal and reject/yield rates are aimed at defining acceptable standards against which to measure deviations.  These in turn influence actions, attitudes, priorities and …

Corporate Sadist Humour

Small Business Development Satire for Corporate Sadists

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This satirical look at supply chain practices seeks to highlight some of the areas that the corporate world takes for granted, but can lead to devastating consequences. Have small suppliers been pestering you lately? Do you wish you could get rid of that troublesome entrepreneurial bunch? Employ just one of these 5 simple methods for destroying SMME suppliers and your …

What is Enterprise Development?

What is Enterprise Development

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Enterprise Development (ED) is the process of developing small or medium companies.  This is however a very broad definition.  In South Africa this definition differs from the rest of the world due to the intention of enterprise development.  Let’s have a look at what this means in the South African context. Companies not Individuals Enterprise Development is different from other forms …

Businesswoman Thinking

Tips for an ESD Practitioner and Entrepreneurs

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Many of my clients ask me about my learning as an ESD practitioner.  Below I have listed some of the top 5 tips for those in the field.  Working in the ESD space I have to constantly remind myself about these areas and get my mindset right.  If you find yourself in the role of an ESD practitioner then hang on …