The Search for Shared Value Creation for Enterprises

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In one of our very first posts we showed a video of Micheal Porter discussing the concept of Shared Value.  This concept still resonates with us here at Collective Value Creation as it is the mechanism through which social change can be achieved in South Africa. In a recent presentation by Andrew Macleod he explains how procurement can be used as a vehicle for shared …

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Conversations with June Lavelle – Business Incubator Sustainability (Part 1)

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This is the first of two articles business incubator sustainability. The work in this series has been authored by June Lavelle.  During coming months we will have further discussions with Ms. Lavelle relating to various aspects of business incubation. Ms. Lavelle was among the first to spearhead the small business incubator concept: she developed the business plan, raised $1.7 million …

Social Sustainability Conversations for Enterprises

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With the change in the codes from Enterprise to Supplier Development the Supply Department now becomes much more engaged around issues such as social sustainability. In a recent blog by Gregory Unruh from MIT Sloan (  he discuses how sustainability thinking can be introduced to organisations through selective conversations.  In doing this however sustainability practitioners need to understand what the major …