Code of Conduct



Policy Number: 001


Note from the Founding Members:

We have started this company with the intent of making an impact in the lives of entrepreneurs and suppliers in developing nations.  Our goal is to make these businesses more globally competitive.  In order to do good, and to follow through on this intent, we need to live lives of integrity.  We wrote this document to make it clear what we mean by integrity and to provide guidance on how we should work.
We call this document our Intent to do Good.


Who must follow this Intent to do Good?

  • Those of us who will follow the ‘Intent to do Good’ includes Suppliers, Consultants, Contractors, Employees, Board Members, Leaders and anybody temporarily employed in the company.
  • We expect those of us who are leaders in the organisation to set the example in the way they behave and in the way they treat others.
  • We expect that everyone will regularly discuss the code, will think about it and will apply and encourage others in the company to apply it.
  • If there are any uncertainties about the ‘Intent to do Good’ we expect you, the reader, to talk to us, discuss this and work together with us to clarify it.


Conflict of Interest


  • We will not solicit business while working for the company, in our personal interest, the interest of another company, or for business interests which are in conflict to the company.
  • If there are any business requests from a client that could benefit us personally, we will discuss this within the company before agreeing the next actions.
  • We will at all times, when engaging with clients, act in the interest of the company and in best serving our clients.
  • We will share information that we have about any potential conflict of interest as soon as we become aware of it.


Care and Respect


Our relationship with each Other:

  • We will respect and care for each other. We will not act harmfully, aggressively, or violently towards each other.
  • We will care for and about those we work with.
  • We will treat everyone, no matter what their religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, race, language, age or level of wealth in the same way we would like to be treated.
  • We acknowledge that there are power imbalances in the countries we function in and in our company, but we will not use any of these power imbalances for personal gain.
  • We will challenge others if we believe that their actions are counter to the Intent to do Good.
  • Whenever possible we will seek to act inclusively. We will not seek to be populist in the way we treat each other.
  • We will actively seek for opportunities to do good to others and the communities we work with and in.
  • We will value and hold in trust the stories we are told and those that share their life journey with us.
  • We will not pursue unfair profit margins or opportunities that will harm the livelihood of others.



  • We will seek to always consider the sustainability of the planet in our actions and when dealing with suppliers.


Our relationship with our Customers and Suppliers:

  • Our customers include both the corporate companies that we are working with as well as all the participants on our programmes.
  • We will always seek to surprise our customers with the level of dedication and excellence that we exhibit in our work.
  • We will abstain from any substances that could impact on the level of excellence which is expected from our customers. This includes not being under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances that might affect the quality or delivery of our work.
  • We will always endeavour to be honest when engaging with our customer and suppliers. This will also be reflected in our public communication as well as in our reporting.


Property of the Company:

  • We will respect the assets and property of the company.
  • We acknowledge that our performance today is based on the systems, processes and knowledge embedded by those before us.
  • We value all the resources, methods, systems, processes and copyright material, both for the financial value it has and the effort it has taken to acquire it.
  • We acknowledge that it is not perfect, that it can be improved, but that contributions have been made in the past to establish this.
  • We will not share the above-mentioned intellectual property and assets in work not related to the interests of the company.


Relations of Public Interest

  • We will treat those that hold public office, and people who hold positions with public interest, according to the responsibilities and obligations they have.
  • We will not seek to influence those who hold positions of public interest to do anything that will compromise their integrity or unduly compromise the position of the public stakeholder group that they represent.
  • We will not entertain any thoughts or actions that will contribute to corruption, solicitation, bribery or changes in the public equilibrium that our actions or influence might have.
  • In those cases where the above-mentioned actions might cause us, or those we care for, harm we will report and discuss this at the first available opportunity.
  • We will seek not to endanger ourselves or others while seeking to uphold the above principles.
  • We will respect and uphold the laws of the country. In situations where the laws lead to unequal or disrespectful treatment of others we will discuss this and decide on the appropriate actions.
  • In those situations where we speak truth to power we will decide to do so after consultation among ourselves and our stakeholders. Any public statements will be made only by the senior leadership in the organisation.
  • We will never seek to solicit a bribe or pay a bribe.




  • We will not enter into agreements that will inhibit fair competition.
  • We will not use any resources of the company to benefit competitors of the company while working with the company or once we have ceased to work with r be associated with the company.


Some questions that could be used when applying this code of conduct:


  • If the public were to find out about my actions, would they be proud of my actions?
  • Are my actions legal?
  • Are my actions fair or would I unduly benefit from these actions?
  • Would the impact of my actions unfairly influence my judgement in decision making on behalf of the company?
Please download the .pdf document by clicking on the link: Code of Conduct.