Engaging with Corporates

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Many small businesses are doing business every single day with customers that have a need for their services.  These businesses have dreams of procuring a large deal with an even larger company, a corporate company.  They believe that this deal will lead them to instant riches.
Sadly, many of these companies are ill prepared for the demands of servicing or selling to a larger company. They soon find themselves struggling with cash flow, not able to make payments to staff and having to extend loan upon loan.  Most companies think that doing business with consumers, or small companies, is the same as doing business with large corporates.
It is not the same and during this training we will seek to explain the differences and how to go about working with a large corporate.  We delve into the various complexities of working with a corporate company, what stakeholders you need to focus on, and what to communicate to each stakeholder in their specific language.


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