Value Proposition Design

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In any product or service that you offer, your value proposition is key to determining the success of that offering.  Unfortunately too many entrepreneurs fall in love with their idea without really taking the time to consider if the value proposition is relevant to the customer.  One of the most expensive mistakes that you can make as an entrepreneur is to create a product or service offering that nobody wants.
This course helps you to establish and refine your value proposition.  Your value proposition will be the center of your business model.  The course will take you through all the various elements that you need to consider when you are crafting your value proposition.  This allows you to make sure that what you offer is relevant and desirable to your customers.
We have taken a lot of time to put this course together and it combines multiple expertise from our various consultants as well as the latest research in the field of entrepreneurship.  We hope that you will enjoy it, and wish you success in the development and implementation of your value proposition.