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The Uber of waste removal

Boombadotmobi is an online waste management business platform that connects waste generators and waste collectors. Our services are designed to cater for house owners, commercial, construction and private companies. We specialise in both construction and garden waste removal. Although we have been dubbed the “Uber of waste removal”, a title we blushingly embrace, we feel much focus should be on our value proposition. We sell responsible waste disposal. This has kept and continues to keep us in good standing with our customers.  What sets us apart from our competition is that every single customer gets a photo of the final destination of their waste.
Boombadotmobi was started as a result of seeing the scourge of illegal dumping in Diepsloot Township. Simply put, we wanted to address this illegal dumping. In further engaging the problem, we realised that the waste was coming from outside Diepsloot. From there, we knew we were in business.
Initially, we wanted to own our own truck and grow from there. This model however presented more hindrances than solutions. It involved sourcing a lot of capital. Through consulting people who were already ahead of us, we got valuable advice. We then followed this with research around disrupting companies like AirBnB and Uber and we felt this was a possible endeavour.

Getting to know the team

Boombadotmobi is lead by two social entrepreneurs aiming to make a real difference in Diepsloot. Sbusiso describes himself as a chancer. If he were an animal, he would see himself as a lion and a butterfly. He is agile, focused and good both in groups and alone. He is a workaholic who lives life to the full as if each day were the last.
Nondumiso is a spiritual soul that embodies peace, love and humanity. She can never bear the sight of human suffering and would go the extra mile to give a hand to change someone’s situation, even if it meant altering her own life progress. Nondumiso’s passion for Boombadotmobi is electric when speaking with her. She is soft-spoken and steadfast in her beliefs.

For the love of reading

Reading is fundamental for any entrepreneur. We love to find out what the entrepreneurs are reading in the hopes of inspiring others.
Sbusiso says the book that most influenced him was “Barbarians at the Gate” by Bryan Burrough and John Helyar. I found the RJR Nabisco storyline fascinating in that, money is nothing but an idea. One only needs to place themselves in the circle with the right people and perhaps have the right pen to put the signature on paper.
Nondumiso favours “Winning With People” by John Maxwell. Here’s a book that all humans should read. It really places emphasis on human relationships. My favourite quote from this book is “don’t use a hammer to swat a fly”. This is a perfect quote when one deals with conflicts. People respond to your response to them. It is therefore valuable to put peoples needs first in order to better understand them.


Sbusiso believes influencers are situational. A person can drive you to achieve extra ordinary things depending on a moment in your life. Another can get you to overcome fears or some sort of shortcomings that you have been struggling with over time. For example, my late mother might be the driving force behind the fierceness that I possess as an adult. On the other hand, Vusi Thembekwayo could be the person that most motivates me to learn anything and everything about running a business. Nondumiso on the other hand is most influenced by her church leaders.


In conclusion, Nondumiso reminded me of the Chicken and the Pig breakfast fable. This is a business fable that talks to commitment. When making bacon and eggs for breakfast, the pig provides bacon, and his life is sacrificed, while the chicken only has to provide her eggs. The pig is fully committed in this situation while the chicken is only involved.
Nondumiso and Sbusiso are fully committed to Boombadotmobi and its success. Not only that, they are doing remarkable work in Dieplsloot to stop illegal dumping.
If you would like to find out more, check out there website: https://www.facebook.com/Boombadotmobi/

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  1. Congratulations on a great, great initiative. Hope you create much employment ( thereby reducing potential for crime, drugs and other social ills ), grow your business locally, regionally and nationally and become a real force in the fight to convert waste to energy. Be aware of all resources which are at present not being harnessed and converted into energy

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