Your Value Proposition

Understanding the Alternatives

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Learn to listen Empathy is the ability to relate to the emotions of others.  I am constantly reminded that empathy is a skill, when looking at the way in which my wife listens, understands and responds to our children.  Empathy requires a level of sacrifice, it requires you to set aside your own stuff (the need to close the deal …

Pricing Decisions for Start-Ups

Pricing during Start-Up

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Have you ever run into a convenience store to buy a drink? Whenever I stand in front of the drinks’ refrigerator I am amazed at the variety of water on the shelf. Some of the labels claim that the water within comes from a rare spring high up in an unpolluted mountain or melted from an ancient iceberg. Despite the common …

Next Step to Entrepreneurial Growth

Your Next Step to Growth for Your Enterprise

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What is the smallest thing that you can create that you will be able to sell? This is the often first question I pose to entrepreneurs.  Most entrepreneurs are trapped in the mindset of thinking big.  They have already envisioned themselves driving the luxury car, owning the luxury home and cruising the luxury yacht.  Before getting there however there is …

Code Series 400 BBBEE Codes


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A draft amendment of Code Series 400, which is the section that looks at Enterprise and Supplier Development, was released on the 15thof June 2018. The amendment effectively increased the targeted preferential procurement that Government requires of companies, with relation to larger companies, but the impact of that will be a decrease of spend with smaller companies. The spend that …

Networking Value Proposition Headeer

Networking and a Cup of Coffee

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“Can you invite yourself for a cup of coffee, or better yet can you buy them a cup of coffee?”  It was a warm February afternoon and I had just started in the consulting industry.  I was an intern although I was responsible for my own salary.  It was probably one of the hardest and best lessons as an intern.  …

Sharing Your Brand Promise

Giving Birth to a Brand – Your Brand Promise

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It feels good to say you’ve started your own business, doesn’t it?  It’s both empowering and humbling.  Being an Entrepreneur is great- when things work.  Yet many Entrepreneurs never make it out of Start-Up.  Why? There are many reasons for this limbo in Start-Up, but in many cases the largest reason for this is that the Entrepreneur has forgotten to …

Differentiation in Supplier Development

Supplier Differentiation Necessity for Enterprise Development

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Ask any procurement manager what the first thing is that she looks for when making a purchasing decision and you will hear the words ‘ differentiation ’.  Procurement is looking for a supplier that is good at one specific thing.   This is in line with decades of procurement practices.  The nature of procurement is such that procurement managers like categorising …

Problem Solving for Supplier Development with Bill

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Many companies think that getting a large deal with a corporate is what being a supplier is all about.  The more successful companies understand that building relationships over a period of time is what really leads to value creation.  Relationships are strengthened once suppliers can show their commitment to problem solving over a period of time. Problem solving is not …

Selling to Corporates as a Supplier or Enterprise

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In today’s on minute lesson Bill gets things muddled when he decides to sell to the supply chain. Many small businesses think that the way to do business with corporates is through the supply chain. Although this might be right in some instances, in most cases following this route will leave you disappointed. The right person to talk to is …

Differentiation In Strategies for Enterprises

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Corporate companies like to box things into categories. When a company comes along that promises that they can do everything the corporate becomes skeptical. The thinking is that they are looking for a company that is good at doing one specific category of services. Many small businesses do not understand this so they put everything that they have done or …

Re-examining Performance Metrics Menu Image

Re-examining Performance Metrics

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We have traditionally striven for competitive and profitable stability and aimed for acceptable standards of performance.  Many of our techniques for planning, measuring and controlling performance such as budgetary control, standard costing, ratio analysis, throughput rate, project appraisal and reject/yield rates are aimed at defining acceptable standards against which to measure deviations.  These in turn influence actions, attitudes, priorities and …