Local Supplier Development Tool for Self-Assessment

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A tool for managing changeLocal Supplier Development

Many companies believe BBBEE is unique.  BBBEE is indeed unique in various aspects but the process of Black Empowerment & Localisation is not unique.  Various international companies have sought to increase local purchasing and as a result also develop suppliers. Our  Local Supplier Development Tool is here to change all that.
The International Finance Corporation has (some time ago) developed a robust tool to assist companies in conducting a self-evaluation on local supplier development.  This tool can be downloaded free from their website and is very useful.  The tool is quite substantial and provides companies with an indication of the various factors that they need to consider in their local procurement, supplier diversity and supplier development efforts.
In addition, using the tool may provide a supplier development practitioner with an understanding of the change management requirements. It provides a clear link between local purchasing and local supplier development. The fact that the self-evaluation is also linked to the IFC rather than a local South African organisation further assists in promoting the acceptance of Local Supplier Development as an international requirement.
I would recommend any Supplier Development practitioner to download the tool and to use at least part of it within their organisation.  Working through the various elements of the tool will also assist in broadening your perspective on Local Supplier Development as well as highlighting the need for corporate buy-in in the Supplier Development process.  This tool along with other useful information relating to Supplier Development and Localisation can be found by here.