Payment Policy

This page contains Collective Value Creation’s payment policy. Please read through this and familiarize yourself to the policy.

Invoice Processing Days

  • The processing of invoices will take place on two different days in the month. These days are the 15th and the 30th of the month.If the invoice is received on or before the 15th then invoice processing (note not payment, but processing of invoice) will happen at this time, if not it will happen on the 30th and vice versa.
  • If either of these dates fall on a public holiday or on a weekend then payment processing will revert to the Monday following the weekend or the day after the public holiday.
  • All invoices must be submitted to, also cc’ing the applicable programme manager.  Invoices will be processed after approval and sign-off from the authorized programme/acount manager.

Payment Terms

  • Our payment terms are 30 days from the invoice processing date.
  • Traveling costs will not be paid for travel further than a 100km radius from the CVC office (Randburg) and/or within a 50 km radius from the consultant’s place of residence/business.
  • Travel will be charged at a rate of R4,25 per km.

Invoicing Requirements

Payment will only take place once a valid invoice has been received. All invoices must contain the following:
  • The document must state that it is an Invoice
  • The document must have valid Invoice Number
  • A valid company address
  • The referring Purchase Order Number
  • If VAT is charged then the full VAT amount as well as the suppliers VAT number and the Collective Value Creation VAT number need to appear on the invoice.
  • The Invoice Date