Enterprise & Supplier Development (ESD) Planning

We have developed ESD Plans for industries as diverse as mining, security, vehicle & component manufacturing and tourism.  With our experience we have been able to balance theory with practical implementation, providing you with realistically implementable outcomes.  Many companies assisting with Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) only focus on the area of Preferential Procurement.  When developing an ESD strategy you need to develop a strategy that considers all of your needs and the trade-offs between these areas.  Typically the best strategy is one that is aligned with your long term goals and crafted around the best fit for all the relevant stakeholders.

Preferential Procurement Analytics

Depending on your requirements we provide an analysis of your Preferential Procurement needs. This allows you to understand the gaps that currently exist in order to target your Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) requirements more strategically. 

In many cases an analysis of your procurement data not only allows you to understand it better, but also enables you with strategic sourcing processes that can provide you with significant cost efficiencies.

Social Return on Investment

The Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a principle based methodology of calculating the financial value of the social impact made, be it positive or negative, from an intervention (social programme, donation, etc.). We use the SROI in order to quantify impact on stakeholders as well as to identify areas of potential optimisation for the intervention/programme.

The SROI is an internationally acknowledged methodology which we can use to assess the impact of the ESD programme in terms of economic growth and social value. Palabora Mining Company can also use the SROI as a decision making tool throughout the life cycle of the programme to ensure that the intended/forecasted benefits are being realised as the programme progresses.