Entrepreneurial Development

Lean Start-Up Bootcamp

Our development boot camp fast-tracks growth by focussing on the strategic fundamentals of the early stage start-up company.  The development boot camp targets each assumption in the early start-up process giving entrepreneurs the ability to isolate the risk in their business strategy and target interventions based on this risk.

Lean Bootcamp

Thinkubation Programme

Our Thinkubation programme is targeted at community based Entrepreneurial Development and integrates the Entrepreneurial Selection process into the Development process.

Use Value Proposition Design to think through the offering from your customers point of view.

Tailored Short Courses

We have developed tailored programmes in areas such as Marketing, Finance, Business Strategy and Continuous Improvement.


Financial Fitness

Our short courses includes accounting, financial management for entrepreneurs, and bookkeeping.


Sales Strategies

Learn to script your sales pitch, deliver your pitch and manage your sales funnels.



Learn about board composition, King and the triple bottom line, The seven characteristics of good corporate governance and Performance measurement of directors.

Tell us about your specific requirements:

Your company might have very specific needs relating to the suppliers you are developing or the entrepreneurial ecosystem you are working in. Speak to us about your specific needs.