Statistics indicate that corruption could increase the cost of doing business in South Africa by 10%. Further to this, Transparency International has scored South Africa 43/100 in their latest public sector corruption report indicating that there is a high probability that your company will have to proactively manage corruption.
Unfortunately many small and medium sized companies are affected negatively by corruption, however there are ways to mitigate and reduce this risk.

Centre for International Private Enterprise
Collective Value Creation is licenced and accredited by the Centre for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) in Anti-Corruption compliance practices and we are uniquely positioned to assist you in mitigating risk in this area.
  • Anti-Corruption Training

    We tailor our training programmes to the requirements and needs of the client and the risk of the company.

  • Anti Corruption Governance Risk Assessment

    We conduct risk assessments on companies to evaluate the risk rating and assess the required corrective actions.

  • Compliance Monitoring & Evaluation

    We will shedule and conduct a yearly risk assessment to assist your company in continuously improving their risk profile.