What constitutes as Enterprise and Supplier Development contributions?

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What constitutes ESD Contributions? According to the Codes of Good Practice, Enterprise and Supplier Development contributions are monetary or non-monetary contributions carried out to beneficiaries, with the objective of contributing to the development, sustainability and financial and operational independence of those beneficiaries. So why is this so important? SME’s have the potential to make a real difference to the economy. According …

ESD Value Chain Development

ESD Value Chain Development for Entrepreneurs

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Enterprise and Supplier Development can be defined as the development of sustainable small and medium black owned businesses in a companies value chain. In order to understand ESD (Enterprise and Supplier Development) you need to understand the linkages between Enterprise Development, Supplier Development and Preferential Procurement.  This article considers some of the background to these linkages and why the BBBEE …

ESD Beneficiary Matrix for Entrepreneurial Development

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The ESD Beneficiary Matrix It represents all the different areas that you are allowed to claim as a company for your 2% NPAT under Supplier Development or your 1% NPAT under Enterprise Development.  The ESD Beneficiary Matrix should be used as part of your planning process for your ESD Plan. The Beneficiary Matrix indicates Monetary and Non-Monetary as well as …

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Three ESD Plan Strategies for Entrepreneurial Development

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According to the amended BBBEE codes all companies will now need to have an Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD Plan) submitted (Section 4.12 of Statement 400) before the commencement of their new financial year.  In essence there are three main strategies or a combination between these three strategies that an ESD Plan can focus on.  The first and the most …

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Conversations with June Lavelle (Part 2) – Business Incubator Sustainability

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This is the second part in a series on relating to Business Incubator sustainability (Click here for part one).  During this part the author June Lavelle explains what is meant by incubator sustainability as well as discusses  the Development phase and the Mature Incubation Phase in more detail. b)   Development Phase This period contains a number of different phases of development …