The Team Huddle In Lean Start-Up Enterprises

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The Team Huddle is a short meeting that takes place at the beginning of every shift or every day.  The Team Huddle takes the form of a meeting that requires participation by everyone in the team and takes place around your visual management area.  The benefit of the Team Huddle is engagement and participation, however the Huddle can be misinterpreted as permission to complain – it is not.  The idea of the huddle is not to go into detail on each performance area, but rather to discuss improvement in those areas where there is poor performance.Team Huddle
Rules for the Team Huddle:
  • Every person get’s a chance to contribute
  • The meeting time is limited
  • The meeting is done standing
  • Performance figures are recorded before the meeting
The Huddle plays such an important role in Lean interventions that some companies have viewed it as the centre of all their employee engagement activities.

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