Deciding on the best Channel

Ultimately you will need to decide which channels you are going to use. The channels you decide on might be the same for your sales, marketing and distribution or it could be different. Take a look at the video below and think through your various different channels.

You could decide to have various different channels that you make use of. Let’s take an example. Mike runs a shoe company. He sells shoes directly to the public from his garage. Over a period of time people have come to Mike by hearing from him through word of mouth. Mike has however also decided to market his shoes through Google advertising.

Let’s consider some of the channels that Mike uses:

  • Delivery Channels

Mike does not deliver his shoes to his customer, rather his customers come to him. They come and pick up the shoes from Mike’s garage. In the future Mike might want to think about charging his customer for delivery and then delivering it to their house.

  • Sales Channels

Mike completes the transaction at his garage. Customer could pay with either cash or via credit card. For those customers that do come to Mike’s garage he does spend some time with them, going through the options and directing them to complete the purchase.

Mike might want to consider other sales options as well. He could advertise and sell his products through facebook, or he might start another store in someone else’s garage and hire a sales person to manage the sales process there

  • Marketing Channels

Mike makes use of word of mouth to market his business, but he is also successfully using Google Ads. Google Ads has allowed him to reach communities that were not aware of his garage. Mike is now considering using Facebook as well.

Could you assist Mike with some other channels that he could think of?