The Unique Value Proposition for Enterprises and Start-Ups

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Unique Value PropositionHave we made it?

Enterprise Development has gained momentum in South Africa over the past few years.  Many in South Africa are still debating if the economy is feeling the impact of this.  Some of the reasons behind this are that many companies have gone about outsourcing their current operations, with very little economic value add.
In the frenzy to “do something” in the space of Enterprise Development many companies have thought about all kinds of creative ways to claim BBBEE points.  Unfortunately this has also led to the birth of many start-up companies who have no reason for being.  Simply put, we have start-ups without purpose.
The result of this has been cluttered desks and bloated business linkage systems full of business profiles that add to the numbers, but never become viable companies.  At least the process has provided some valuable lessons to those willing to learn.

Making it Work

Many Entrepreneurs set out or get pushed out into the realm of sales.  For those of us who have been there this entails the mastering of the weapon called Sales.  Some of my fellow Entrepreneurs out there have become so good at this, that this is all they do.  Others struggle to pluck up the courage and never quite learn to make it past the security cubicle.
It is through Sales that we Entrepreneurs survive, but it is what we sell, which makes us grow.  Sadly many Entrepreneurs out there never question this, until it is too late.  Too many of us jump off the corporate platform and into the Entrepreneurial waters with the boot print “Make it work!”, attached to our arses.  And so – we do.  Only to discover one day that we don’t really like our new boss that much more than the old one.
If only someone had asked us the question before we jumped, if only someone had said:  “What is the it that you would like to make work?”

Working on it

Let’s take a step back and consider the following.  As an Entrepreneur that old enemy called Demand calls to us, scoffs at us and boldly bellows – You Need Me!  Those of us too addicted to our idea do not give Demand a moment’s thought and keep on blindly selling.  Those wise among us seize this moment and pluck up the courage to say to Demand – “It is true, I need you, but I will find out what it is that You need?”
It is in this moment of calculated insanity that purpose is born.  It is in this moment that the rare few stumble upon a truth called the Unique Value Proposition. This then is the it that the rare few search for, and those that are successful keep validating for truth.  It is only at this time that purpose is blown into it and gives birth to a company.