What’s the buzz over Google My Business?

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Google My Business (GMB) was launched in 2014. Following this, Google released Google Website Builder in 2017. It almost seemed that this was all hush hush and seems to be found only by chance when stumbling across it. 
However, Google My Business is a free and easy to use tool for all business owners and organisations.  GMB helps to manage your online presence including Google Search and Google Maps.

What are the benefits of Google My Business?

Manage your business information
Using this platform will help control the information that users see when they search for your business, products or services. The advantage is that you are twice as likely to be considered a reputable business for customers if you register.
Interact with your customers
This is a great platform to read and respond to reviews from customers. Add photos of your listing and receive up to 42% more requests for directions to your business. This will also increase foot traffic to your site by up to 35%
Understand and expand your business presence
You will get insights on how customers search for your business as well as how many times they called the number displayed. You can even create and track the performance of AdWords. And all of this is for free and relatively easy to use when following the step by step guide. 

Why should you set it up?

Well, it’s essential is you want to appear on maps and other Google listings. It provides a great opportunity to increase your online reach. Google My Business allows customers to leave reviews, and this is one of the most important SEO ranking factors.

How do you go about setting it up?

Firstly, check if your business is not already listed. If it is, you will need to follow the process to claim it as your own. If there is no listing, you will need to create a Google My Business listing. Do this by visiting Google My Business and clicking “Start Now’. It’s that simple!

Here’s the kicker

Now comes the exciting part. If you are a small business and don’t yet own a website, here’s your opportunity. The Google My Business Website Builder is only for businesses that have a GMB listing. When you are in the admin area, just click “Website” in the left menu. The GMB Website Builder helps to create and maintain a website, specifically targeted at smaller businesses. It’s a great solution for a simple, easy to use site that can be built in 20 minutes.

Why build a Google Website?

We know that most one of the most common actions taken by potential customers is to use Google to search for a business. The catch is that most entrepreneurs and small business owners find creating a website to be particularly challenging. It’s often too complex, too expensive and too time consuming. Statistically speaking, up to 60% of small business owners do not have a website! Use GMB Website Builder to create a free, striking website in only a few minutes. 

The low down

Use a domain
It’s best to have your own customized domain to appear more professional and memorable to your users. You can buy your custom domain after you publish your site, or through the accounts settings menu. If you already have a domain name, you can use it for your Google site.
Choose a theme
Just like a Wix site or similar, there are a number of theme options available. Choose the best font and colour scheme to suit your branding. Edit the various sections like description, headline and content.
Include images, video and virtual tours of your company
What’s great is that you can use your very own pictures. Post pictures of your products, employees, office, anything that will be of interest to your customer.
Your GMB information is automatically embedded 
Information is automatically embedded from your Google My Business listing, so it’s vital to ensure this information is up to date. Share news in your listing as a way to stay connected with your customers. 

The downside

We all know free websites have a few flaws:
  • Rented, Not Owned
  • Limited Pages, Limited Data
  • Poor Analytics
  • Poor First Impressions
  • No Branding
  • Advertisements
  • No Support
Here’s where GMB Website Builder is different. It’s provided by Google so you know they are going to provide innovative ways to improve their search engine results. The Website Builder will enhance your Search Optimisation Results. Here are some of the great features that it offers:
  • Free Website Builder
  • Custom Domains Available
  • Responsive Website Designs
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Automatic Content Updates
  • Manage from Mobile
  • Market with Google AdWords
Have a look at this example of a Google My Business Website: https://vpointusa.business.site.Now, if you don’t have a website, why not check this option out? 

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