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Three ESD Plan Strategies for Entrepreneurial Development

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According to the amended BBBEE codes all companies will now need to have an Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD Plan) submitted (Section 4.12 of Statement 400) before the commencement of their new financial year.  In essence there are three main strategies or a combination between these three strategies that an ESD Plan can focus on.  The first and the most …

Targeted Procurement Strategies (Strategic)

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Previously we have considered the tactical and the leveraged targeted procurement strategies.  During this intervention we will be considering the targeted procurement interventions in the strategic arena.  In the strategic space there are two areas to consider.  The one is the Strategic Critical which we will discuss later and the other is the bottleneck domain. Bottleneck The Bottleneck arena has some …

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Conversations with June Lavelle (Part 2) – Business Incubator Sustainability

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This is the second part in a series on relating to Business Incubator sustainability (Click here for part one).  During this part the author June Lavelle explains what is meant by incubator sustainability as well as discusses  the Development phase and the Mature Incubation Phase in more detail. b)   Development Phase This period contains a number of different phases of development …

Tactical Preferential Procurement Strategies

Tactical Targeted Procurement Strategies and Guide

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The Amended BBBEE codes have made the linkage between Enterprise Development and Preferential Procurement clear with the introduction of Supplier Development.  In this article we will consider the various targeted procurement interventions that could be used to assist in the growth or entry of QSE/EME’s in the supply chain.  For the purposes of this article we will therefore use targeted …

Leveraged Preferential Procurement Strategies

Leveraged Targeted Procurement Strategies

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In our previous article we have considered the targeted procurement strategies in the tactical area of preferential procurement.  This requires a specific focus on various targeted procurement interventions for Black or Black Woman Owned QSE/EMEs.  Your Preferential Procurement strategy will be one of the three strategies that you will need to consider as part of your ESD plan.  In this post we will consider …

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Conversations with June Lavelle – Business Incubator Sustainability (Part 1)

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This is the first of two articles business incubator sustainability. The work in this series has been authored by June Lavelle.  During coming months we will have further discussions with Ms. Lavelle relating to various aspects of business incubation. Ms. Lavelle was among the first to spearhead the small business incubator concept: she developed the business plan, raised $1.7 million …

Social Sustainability Conversations for Enterprises

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With the change in the codes from Enterprise to Supplier Development the Supply Department now becomes much more engaged around issues such as social sustainability. In a recent blog by Gregory Unruh from MIT Sloan (http://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/sustainability-dialects/)  he discuses how sustainability thinking can be introduced to organisations through selective conversations.  In doing this however sustainability practitioners need to understand what the major …

Preferential Procurement in Enterprise and Supplier Development

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This slideshow looks at Preferential Procurement and provides the basic information required for an understanding of Preferential Procurement. What is important to note is that the intention of the codes is that Enterprise and Supplier Development ultimately feeds through to Preferential Procurement.  This was the original intention in the 2007 codes and have now been significantly clarified in the ammended …

Supplier Development Program Function for Enterprises

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Supplier development programs can be arranged into two broad dimensions: The one dimension concerns itself with the type of continuous improvement that the supplier develops while the other concerns itself with the scope at which this continuous improvement occurs (Sako, M.; Supplier Development at Honda, Nissan and Toyota: Comparative Case Studies of Organizational Capability Enhancement; 2002). Let’s use an example …

The Enterprise and Supplier Development Codes Guide

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This is a first part of a series of blogs on the supplier development codes series 400: The General Principles for Measuring Enterprise and Supplier Development.  During this series we will be unpacking the Enterprise Development Benefit Factor Matrix as well as understanding the impact that this might have.  We will further also look at the difference between the old 2007 …

ESD Plan and Theory of Change for Entrepreneurs

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When developing your ESD plan it is important to consider what the long term impact of your strategy will be.  The average enterprise and supplier development programme takes about two years to complete.  During this time you would have to test your assumptions to find out if they can be validated.  If you leave the programme to run without testing your …

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A Systemic View of The Supplier Development Sphere

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The complexities involved in your ESD Planning process can be overwhelming, even without considering the dynamics involved in the BBBEE codes of good practice. This article looks at some of the areas you would need to consider. Clearly thinking through you ESD Plan will provide you with one of the most effective means to go about communicating the necessary change within …