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Supplier Development in South Africa

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Let’s be honest with ourselves. In a contracting economy supplier development does not lead to job creation. Perhaps small black owned companies are employing more black owned staff or that jobs are being localised around a specific region.  In a contracting economy the goal of supplier development is, however, not job creation, but rather optimization. That said there are some …

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ESD Trilogy Guide for Entrepreneurial Development

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Our ESD Trilogy guide for Entrepreneurial Development consists of the following principles: Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) As an ESD practitioner, I have been privy to many internal meetings, whereby the tactics relating to ESD elements are brainstormed, analysed and thereafter implemented. Organisations, in general, realise the inherent benefit that ESD strategies can offer in extending the broad based footprint …

The Search for Shared Value Creation for Enterprises

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In one of our very first posts we showed a video of Micheal Porter discussing the concept of Shared Value.  This concept still resonates with us here at Collective Value Creation as it is the mechanism through which social change can be achieved in South Africa. In a recent presentation by Andrew Macleod he explains how procurement can be used as a vehicle for shared …

The Supplier Development Decision Cost Matrix

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The South African marketplace is experiencing an increasing amount of companies that are delivering supplier development offerings.  The decision around which supplier development company to use can often be overwhelming.  Most ESD managers hope that that they will be able to outsource the development approach and be done with it.  Unfortunately the opposite is true with regards to supplier development. In companies …

Corporate Sadist Humour

Small Business Development Satire for Corporate Sadists

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This satirical look at supply chain practices seeks to highlight some of the areas that the corporate world takes for granted, but can lead to devastating consequences. Have small suppliers been pestering you lately? Do you wish you could get rid of that troublesome entrepreneurial bunch? Employ just one of these 5 simple methods for destroying SMME suppliers and your …

What is Enterprise Development?

What is Enterprise Development

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Enterprise Development (ED) is the process of developing small or medium companies.  This is however a very broad definition.  In South Africa this definition differs from the rest of the world due to the intention of enterprise development.  Let’s have a look at what this means in the South African context. Companies not Individuals Enterprise Development is different from other forms …

Supplier Development in South Africa for Enterprises

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Even though Supplier Development in South Africa is relatively new to landscape, it has a rich international history.  One of the benchmark companies that have made use of Supplier Development has been Toyota. This has led to such a level of success that companies across the world have made use of the practices in the Toyota Production System.  These practices have mostly …

Amended BBBEE Codes Emphasis On Development

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The DTI has a tough mandate. Broadly speaking they need to encourage economic growth and simultaneously transform the wealth disparity between black and white South Africans in the country. At this stage many have asked why BBBEE has not ended yet and unfortunately the answer lies in that progression around transformation has been slower than anticipated. Wybrand Ganzevoort, Lean Enterprise …

Supplier Relationship Management Guide and Tips

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Have we overlooked the relate in supplier relationship management? Being privy to many interactions between buyers and suppliers I have come to realise that successful long term buying and selling relationships have a higher correlation with a management culture than any statistical measurement instrument or SLA. Over the years of sitting in various operational meetings between buying company representatives and that of the supplying company I have come to see how …

The Team Huddle In Lean Start-Up Enterprises

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The Team Huddle is a short meeting that takes place at the beginning of every shift or every day.  The Team Huddle takes the form of a meeting that requires participation by everyone in the team and takes place around your visual management area.  The benefit of the Team Huddle is engagement and participation, however the Huddle can be misinterpreted …

The missing link of South African business linkages

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In a previous post I wrote about the various business linkages platforms in South Africa.  In this post I would like to explore what might be missing in these platforms and what the various things are that you might need to put in order to secure business with creditable black owned companies in South Africa. Supplier databases or supplier lists have been …

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Tips for an ESD Practitioner and Entrepreneurs

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Many of my clients ask me about my learning as an ESD practitioner.  Below I have listed some of the top 5 tips for those in the field.  Working in the ESD space I have to constantly remind myself about these areas and get my mindset right.  If you find yourself in the role of an ESD practitioner then hang on …

ESD Planning 101 and Focal Points For Entrepreneurs

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Let’s cut to the chase – if you are doing BBBEE you are doing so because you want another company to buy from you.  According to the new codes in order to do this you need to be an empowered supplier.  The first thing in your ESD planning process is therefore becoming an empowered supplier.  Being an empowered supplier requires …

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A Visual Dashboard for Enterprise Development

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As a company matures there are a significant amount of things to manage.  Using a dashboard for managing your business provides you with an overview of your operation and the areas in which you can improve.  Not having a dashboard is like steering a ship without a compass and a map.  Every day you can go well and everything on board …

ESD Value Chain Development

ESD Value Chain Development for Entrepreneurs

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Enterprise and Supplier Development can be defined as the development of sustainable small and medium black owned businesses in a companies value chain. In order to understand ESD (Enterprise and Supplier Development) you need to understand the linkages between Enterprise Development, Supplier Development and Preferential Procurement.  This article considers some of the background to these linkages and why the BBBEE …